Art – everything in the world is art, both interior and exterior, which is precisely include the vivid tattoo art!

Tattoo art ~ contains every tattoo artist's personal knowledge, thought, experience, wisdom and ability!
Be able to see through the true meaning of art, and achieve the levels and stages of Retain, Breakthrough and Leave!
Still remember teacher Wannian's guidance: there are four types
people and God has four does
Four types of people: genius, talent, wizard, untalented
Four does: primitive, artificial, superlative, bare

Fung Tattoo ~ The name is so called seeing through Retain, Breakthrough, Leave as the goal!
My name is Chan ngai-fung, a tattoo artist.

Art works ~ on behalf of the aim: craft is experience, effort is care, feel is soul!
A perfect tattoo artwork is indispensable; the viewer can observe your crafts, heart and soul before you can be regarded as a professional tattoo master!


藝術~ 世間上每一事,每一物;世界的內與外都是藝術,當中正正也包括著活靈活現的刺青藝術!


刺青藝術~ 包含著每位畫師的個人學識,思考,經驗,智慧和能力!


鋒刺青~ 本店名是由,守,破,離為目標而命名!

作品~ 就代表著:手工是經驗,用心是心機,感受是靈魂的宗旨!




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